W28 – behind the window

It’s been 2 weeks since I came back to Japan / started being in self-isolation. Thanks to the internet and all the online contents today, I spent much time in front of my laptop, but had become getting bored day by day and so I started working on self-reflection and digging CDs in my room. And now, I ended up taking an advantage of the quarantine as learning programming which I’d been interested in for a while. 

Keeping myself updated by watching the Japanese TV and following some other news site outside the country, I found different approaches towards the economic disaster in each country during the pandemic. Some European countries and the US tend to take fast and reliable actions, freelancers in Germany can now apply for a non repayable grant of up to €9,000 while the UK government helps employees with a grant worth 80% of their salaries. 

On the other hand, Japanese prime minister Abe considered giving Japanese citizens coupons for domestic beef and fish in compensation and he’s now working hard on the plan of 2-mask giveaway to each household throughout Japan. That would be hilarious if the situation were not so serious.

Just seeing the actions taken by the government I would admire the European countries, but as the German finance minister killed himself in consequence of all the fallout from the coronavirus, it’s obvious that those countries are literary in a state of emergency. 

I wonder how much of money and how many of lives we will lose for all the circumstances in the end. 

More and more people have been becoming to stay home all over the world. It would be depressive for most people just concerting the situation at home, but I believe this is dull yet the best action we can take in order to save others for now.

Entertain yourself, entertain yourself, and entertain yourselves. Lose yourself in the art and creations.

We need to be fine to rebuild our life after everything happens. 


日本に戻ってきて/ 待機生活を初めて二週間が経つ。










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