W27 – Quarantine

Since the coronavirus / COVID-19 has spread more and more widely, I’ve decided to come back to my hometown in Japan after 2 years and a half. The Japanese government announced that people who came back from outside the country have to quarantine at either home or a hotel for 14 days.

I was shocked and confused by the fact that Japan is far less serious about the situation than Europe. People still commute to their offices by packed trains and hang out after work and weekends. Despite I wish the vibes remain forever, I can’t help thinking of that the virus outbreak is happening in as soon as a couple of weeks here in Japan as well.

People struggle with the virus based on their different situations and problems – finance, work, education, and so on. I’m very lucky to be able to take this option, but as far as I’ve seen, it’s very meaningful and important just staying home for now in order not to help spread the virus. The more people stay home, the more proper treatments are brought to people in need.



この平和な空気がずっと続けば良い – と思うが、どうしてもヨーロッパのような爆発的な感染や混沌が起き、日本でも感染者が一万人を超える。あと一週間くらいしたら、そんな事態が起きている気がしてならない。

経済的に、仕事に、学業に、etc, etc…



My track this week.

Loop track with my full pedalboard and Gibson SG at home.