W17 – void

While it’s been relatively warm and nice weather in Berlin, I’m feeling funny and hardly be productive for some reason. I’ve tried playing the guitar, writing notes, and reading books but found myself hard to concentrate for a long time. I occasionally have the feeling but still struggle to go out from the period. Now, I’ve stopped pushing myself, hoping to feeling better at some point.


ここ最近のBerlinは暖かくて、晴れの日が多い – にも関わらず、なんか少し鬱屈とするような、何も手に付かないような気分を日々感じている。



My tune this week


Chihei Hatakeyama / Forgotten Hill


I don’t listen to his music very often, but this is the best chance to soak in the sound.





Podcast this week


“It took me 20 years, and then finally I met the artist who drew the forest. For me, personally, it was the highlight of this journey. “


Stefan carefully chose 3 life-changing animation films for us.

1. Princess Mononoke


2. Paprika


3. Akira


Stefan’s website – Anime Architecture


Take carte of yourself.