W16 – big vision small steps

Luckily, I’ve got a 4-day shift in a week at the restaurant I’d started working, thought that would financially be helpful, but I was a bit concerned at the same time since I hadn’t worked in a while. Furthermore, I’d got many plans in the same week.

I had a podcast recording, threw a seminar for a company I used to work for, had a jamsession with my friend, and opened a dojo in the early morning instead of my friend who went to a monk’s meeting in Switzerland.

That was a hectic week, indeed.

I started reading a novel for 30 mins before sleep, I even shortened hours of sleep to do so. That helped me relaxed before sleep, and take me into a dream immediately.





目紛しい – 本当に目紛しく時間が過ぎていく。




Podcast this week



Stefan Riekeles (in English) – Producer of Anime Architecture

“Even though you think this is not finished, or this is not nice, I think this is a great drawing or painting, and we should put it on the wall because other people might feel like I do”

Stefan is a producer and a curator of an exhibition called Anime Architecture which presents the drawings and paintings behind prominent animation films including Ghost in the shell and Metropolis. They highlight artists and their artworks at the exhibition but hardly put the titles of the films.

StefanはAnime Architectureというエキシビジョンでプロデューサー/キュレイターとして活動しています。




My tune this week



a glow in January グローインジャヌアリー


Getting back to your everyday practice in the middle of January after all the occasions.


Improvised session with Jerome

6th JAN 2020 in Berlin



The topic this week




Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 13.55.33

Qasem Soleimani: Why kill him now and what happens next? [BBC News]

I’ve got notifications about Donald Trump and Iraq everyday.




Japanglish this week



17. Garage Sale ガレージセール



Ok. I’m now off to the last shift this week. Have a lovely weekend.