W13 – I only have 14€ but

I made a video with the acoustic guitar after more than a year. I got the video done in the 3 days, but I focused on it so much that I hardly did anything else in the 3 days. I’ve been always working on something I was interested like this for the last 3 months since I came to Berlin, and now I realised that everything I’ve got is only 14€. I ran to apply for a Japanese restaurant, wishing to get a job there easily.

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding working at a Japanese restaurant ever since I came out from the country: 4 years, because I thought it was too easy to get a job, either hardly learn anything. However, after I had a trial, I found that was far more challenging than I expected. I started working as a waiter but I even didn’t know how I could hold a tray efficiently. I’m now excited in learning something new.


I only have 14€ but…
I could make a video with the guitar because I have a camera and laptop, and my friend lent me the guitar.

I only have 14€ but…
I can enjoy reading books because Amazon Kindle Japan offers a 3-month unlimited plan for 3€.

I only have 14€ but…
I enjoyed a Korean restaurant because my friend invited me.

I only have 14€ but…
I enjoyed a bottle of beer because my flatmate gave one to me.

I only have 14€ but…
I enjoyed open-air live music because a busker was having an awesome performance.

I only have 14€ but…
I can sleep under the sailing fearless.

My life is not bad at all as long as I’m healthy even though I’ve got only 14€.






14€しか持っていないけれど –

14€しか持っていないけれど –
Amazon Kindle Japanが3ヶ月で299円というキャンペーンを行っていたので読書を楽しんでいる。

14€しか持っていないけれど –

14€しか持っていないけれど –

14€しか持っていないけれど –




Podcast this week




Kacky is a historian as well as a high school teacher in Tokyo. We had a talk about 3 pieces of paintings he loves. They were “Spring” by Jean Francois Millet, “Rain, steam and speed” by William Turner, and “Water Lilies” by Monet. He also told us that he bring students to Tsuchima(South part of Japan) to have a boat trip to Korea every year, to see the differences between those countries with their own eyes.

1. 春 – ミレー
2. 雨、蒸気、速度 – ウィリアム・ターナー
3. 睡蓮 – モネ



My tune this week




Japanglish this week



Wish you all a very Merry Christmas.