W12 – life is beautiful

A book I read was so good that I put my recorder on and recorded an episode (in Japanese) for the podcast. It was my first recording my own, I found it difficult to put my thoughts in word as they are. The book was in Japanese, the psychology of Abraham Maslow for beginners. By the way, I like the word “view” because I really feel that the scenery looks different physically as well as psychologically once you take another view in.


読んだ一冊の本が素晴らしく、僕はIC レコーダーの電源を入れ、一人で録音する。



Podcast this week

Kacky (in Japanese) – Historian





Kacky is a historian as well as a high school teacher in Tokyo. He studies ancient Japanese history specialised in its diplomacy, we had a chance to record this episode when he came to Germany for a conference. We had a talk about his research, and his ideas of classes as a teacher.



My tune this week



Keep warm.