w10 – breakthroughがすぐそこに

My friend has left from my room after two weeks. Looking back, we shares lots of time during the time.

I found a post saying “We’ve got tons of Japanese books to give away”, and so we visited the house. There was an Austrian elderly woman welcoming us, and she told us about the death of her husband and the fact that the books belonged to the Japanese husband. We took some of the books after searching many cartons thoroughly, and invited her to our concert.

We went to some small concerts at a coffee shop, and a cellar to see my friends, and we also made new friends there. For the last five days, we focused on making e a setlist for the concert, and I caught a cold which still blunt my head now.

Then, December has come.

My friend said “I think you should deserve something special soon.” when he left from my room. I’m easily fed up when things are not going well, but if so, I will trust the word and move on as if there is a breakthrough just next to me.












Podcast this week

“Even experiencing sad things is sometimes blessing because you learn how to become more comfortable with reality, and that results you hopefully becoming a fair person”

Steve Morris 1/2 (in English) – Bassist / Co-owner at Oslo Kaffebar

Steve is a bassist of Soft Crystals as well as a co-owner at Oslo Kaffebar in Berlin. We had a talk about how he started his career in a speciality coffee industry in Berlin, a unique trip he had this summer in Japan, including staying at a temple and some small islands with art exhibitions, and our topic gets deeper once we talked about Japanese ambient music.

Contents: (00:08) His career in speciality coffee shops (14:30) His trip in Japan this summer (25:56) Regarding Japanese ambient music (40:58) His ideas about ownership, sharing things, and other things involved in life today

Steveはベルリンのスペシャリティコーヒーショップ「Oslo Kaffebar」で共同経営者として働きながら、Soft Crystalsのベーシストとして活動しています。
内容: (00:08) スペシャリティコーヒーのキャリア (14:30) 今年の夏に行った日本での話(25:56) 日本のアンビエントミュージックについて (40:58) シェアやオーナーシップ、その他彼が日常で感じることなど


My tune this week

Dreamy tune by my friend: Chuji-san asa Kazuyoshi Nakatsukasa



Japanglish this week



Take care of yourself and have a nice week.