W6 – Thanks to the tiny room

Podcast: Btte – bring the tune everywhere

Guest: Jack (Music producer)

I’ve come back to podcast with a new concept after a short hiatus. I will have a talk to a guest every weekend in Japanese and English one after the other. The guests will share their “unforgotten tunes” and their stories behind the music.

My first guest is Jack – he is an executive producer at Sony Classical International in Berlin. He loves classical music since he was a child. He wanted to be involved in a music industry in some way but not as a performer, so he studied Musicology in Edinburgh, and now he works as a producer with musicians he loves. In the conversation, he shared his love towards his job, music, and the city.

The links to his unforgotten tunes are following. If you enjoy it, please leave a review and comment on the podcast page.


Jack’s unforgotten tunes

Hughe Ashton’s Ground

Radiohead – Exit Music

Teodor Currentzis – Teodor Currentzis records Don Giovanni

My life in Berlin – W6

As I’d heard before, finding a room in Berlin was desperate. I sent 10 – 20 emails every day but had hardly replied and never got any viewing. Luckily, I had a friend who was looking for a tenant so I ended up moving to her place.

I finally managed to leave the tiny room at the monk’s. It was just a month but I felt as if it was a half year or so. I suddenly felt so drowsy after I moved to the new place. I crawled into bed and I slept lik a log.

I already miss the time with the monk and his family, his kids, but it’s the time to take next action with the experience I had there and the ideas I learned from them.





My tune this week

I heard the musical instrument “Daxophone” from my friend. The instrument was invested by a musician Hans Reichel. Apparently, he’s passed away but a Japanese musician Kazuhisa Uchihashi who was playing with Reichel introduces the instrument today. The sound is very unique – I felt as if I got lost in the forest and found animals having a party.

Musicianの友人にDaxophone(ダクソフォン)という新しい楽器を開発したHans Reichelという方の話を聞かせてもらいました。
演奏の音は森の中に迷い込んで動物達が談笑しているのを見つけてしまったような – 人間の知らない愉快な世界を覗き見たような光景が広がっています。

Japanglish this week

Keep warm yourself, and have a lovely week.