Regarding the Project

While the virus hits our planet hard still today, we produced a charity compilation album wishing to help people suffering from the disease. All the sales of the album goes to Médecins Sans Frontières which provides a significant support for victims of COVID-19 worldwide.

Same Chords, Different Songs

All the songs in the album were made based on the same guitar chords. Our collaborators used these chords to produce their own original tracks. The concept shows that each person faces mutual challenges in their own position.

Buy the album on bandcamp

You can buy the 19-track full album for US$30. All the sales, after deduction of a bandcamp fee 15%, goes to MSF. You can enjoy the album on iTunes or other your preferred media players once you download the audio files after purchase.

We also have options of 6-track EPs for $15 each.

Buy the album via PayPal

“I’d like to support MSF via this project, but I’m not happy with the 15% deduction as a bandcamp fee”

We have an option for you to buy the album via Paypal with a cheaper transaction fee.

The Team

All the collaborators worked for this project voluntarily. Please follow and support their work.